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The PASS QB emulsion seal (Western Emulsion Product) is a proven and reliable pavement preservation tool to win the fight against de-investment of your roadway network, part of a strategy that extends the quality service life of newer asphalt pavements at minimal cost. PASS QB emulsion is spray-applied to seal minor distress cracks…(Read More)

The Reclamite emulsion (Tricor Refining Emulsion Product) is an emulsion of specific petroleum oils and resins designed to penetrate dry and weathered asphalt pavements. Reclamite penetrates seeking the asphalt in the pavement preference to the aggregate.  The result is that Reclamite combines with asphalt  to restore its original desirable properties.  In some cases the asphalt…(Read More)

The PMCRS-2h emulsion (Talley Oil Inc. Emulsion Product) is an emulsion  that can consist of a single or multiple application of emulsified asphalt and graded cover aggregate. Excess cover aggregate is normally removed upon completion. This treatment weatherproofs and adds skid resistance properties and can be performed over base rock or asphalt pavement…(Read More)