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Hot-applied Pavement Maintenance Products

Maxwell Products has manufactured high-quality pavement preservation products since 1975. We have focused intensely on products as asphalt crack repair, wide crack/void repair, concrete joint sealant, innovation and customer satisfaction, keeping us at the forefront of the industry and when you expect more from your pavement maintenance solutions, you turn to Maxwell Products.


Cold-mix Permanent Repair Solution

Aqua Patch is a cold mix, permanent repair solution for asphalt and concrete applications that reacts with water to harden quickly, being traffic-ready immediately. The proprietary hardening agent is environmentally friendly and renewable. This product containing NO petroleum based distillate solvents or cutbacks.

Perma -Patch

Environmentally Friendly Single Application

Perma-Patch can be applied in a single application, resulting in a superior, environmentally friendly repair to that of a cold-patch / hot-patch procedure plus, it eliminates the need to disrupt traffic for a second time. Perma-Patch does not shrink because of its self-sealing properties and also maintains an excellent watertight bond to adjoining pavement surfaces.