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AQUA PATCH (click here to download literature) AQUA PATCH has been approved by Caltrans for asphalt and concrete repair.  Aqua Patch saves time and money while delivering a superior permanent repair solution for asphalt and concrete surfaces.  This product has NO petroleum based distillate solvents or cutbacks.  This cold-mix, water-activated product is environmentally…(Read More)

A needle-punched nonwoven fabric weighing a minimum of 4.1 oz. per square yard, which, when embedded in a field applied asphalt cement tack coat becomes an asphalt saturated fabric membrane. Properly installed it is a pavement moisture barrier and a stress absorbing interlayer which retards crack reflection and extends pavement life. It is…(Read More)

With our partners we supply all PG to SC grade materials. We also offer specialized, all weather, cold-applied products.  Our widest range of sources allows us to supply from every advantageous angle for our customers’ benefit. This allows us to have the best delivery times and pricing. PG64-22 PG64-16 PG64-10 PG70…(Read More)

SS-1h CSS-1h LMCRS-2h PMCRS-2h PASS QB CRS-2h PASS CR CQS-1h PMCQS-1h RECLAMITE CRF TACK POT** SEALCOAT** **TACK POT and SEALCOAT Trailer Rentals are available…(Read More)